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PlanTier Three
Duration12 months

every month
You will be charged monthly for 12 months.

If accepted into membership, Applicant agrees to conform to and be bound by the terms and provisions of this Application and Agreement, the Membership Plan, the Rules and Regulations, any written membership policies of the Club and any other Membership Documents, as they each may be amended from time to time. Applicant further understands that agreeing to be bound by the Membership Documents is a condition for Membership in the Club. Applicant hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Membership Plan and the Rules and Regulations of the Club. APPLICANT ACKNOWLEDGES THE MEMBERSHIP PLAN AND THE RULES AND REGULATIONS PROVIDE THE DETAILS OF THE CLUB’S MEMBERSHIP POLICIES, CONDUCT AND OBLIGATIONS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROVISIONS IN THE EVENT OF DIVORCE, FOR MEDIATION OF DISPUTES, RESIGNATION OF MEMBERSHIPS, FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS, DISCIPLINARY ACTION, RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY AND THEFT.

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