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National Maternal Mental Health Hotline:

Call or Text 1-833-943-5746 24/7 for a free, confidential hotline for pregnant and new moms. Interpreter Services are available in 60 languages. (US Only)


A safe haven for Black Moms, Indigenous Moms, and Mothers of Color to rediscover their well-being.

At Serenity For Mothers, our mission is to provide a sanctuary of support and empowerment for BIPOC mothers, dedicated to addressing the unique challenges they face in mental health and well-being. Through accessible holistic practices, compassionate mental health coaching, and a nurturing community, we aim to reduce the prevalence of postpartum depression and related conditions. Our unwavering commitment is to uplift every mother's mind, body, and spirit, fostering collective growth and resilience. 

Research Reveals Significant Disparity

Research indicates that BIPOC mothers face a higher risk of postpartum depression and related conditions. A survey conducted between two and six weeks postpartum revealed that Black and Hispanic mothers reported depressive symptoms at rates of 43.9% and 46.8% respectively, compared to 31.1% for white mothers. These disparities highlight a pressing issue, indicating a need for targeted interventions and support.

Fun at Yoga with Women

Weekly Classes For Moms
& Their Family

Only the Best

Serenity For Mothers focuses on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices, emphasizing the thoughts, emotions, body, and spirit of melinated mothers. Our evidence-based approach includes yoga, meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness workshops, and more. 

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